Curiosity, excitement, awe, anticipation, gratitude…

No matter how busy you are, I believe that everyone should be able to experience more of these positive feelings on a regular basis. As well as making you feel good, they’ve also been shown to have all sorts of benefits to your health and well-being. Join me in finding out more about them and weaving them into everyday life using my paper products and other ideas!

Feedback from customers

'I’m in awe 😍 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to smash it 🙈thanks again, Emma. It’s so cool!!'

Zoe, Custom Pinata

'Such a fab product! Great for weddings and the dares are hilarious!'

Beth, Wedding Dares Fortune Tellers

'Very simple but fun and cute idea! Hubby liked the novelty of something different, he certainly wasn't expecting the pop of the dice!'

Busy Later? 1st Wedding Anniversary Popping Card

'We had been looking for invitations a long time when we came across the popping cards and they seemed just perfect for us: not classic but not too informal either, and with a wonderful display quality about them.  We wanted everything about our wedding to be unique and the invitations were just that!'

Adina, Popping Wedding Invitations

'The phone has not stopped ringing with people calling to tell us how much they loved their invitation and that it has set the tone for a fun happy wedding day ahead. No one has ever received an invitation like it, thank you so much for providing us with such unique personalised invitations!'

Rachel, Popping Wedding Invitations