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2018 End of the Year Round-Up

I hope that you've had a lovely Christmas!

The year is nearly over and I've spent some time reflecting on the events of 2018. I hope you enjoy this little round-up of my highlights!

Paperbuzz 2018 round up


I launched this website back in April. I did have a website previously, but it was clunky and I couldn't sell directly from it, so I needed to upgrade. It seemed like a big investment, but I knew that I just had to go for it! It will always be a work in progress - updating information, adding new products, tweaking things, but it's a million times better than what I had before.

Paperbuzz website


With my website all sorted, I decided to start a blog. From May until mid-November I blogged weekly, posting every Thursday. I've had a little break for the Christmas madness, but I'm planning to get back to it regularly in the new year.

My most popular blog posts (according to my website stats):

The hidden lane, Glasgow

Da Cake Cupboard, The Cake Fridge, Shetland - A blog post by Paperbuzz

An In Colourful Company Colour Walk, Glasgow - A blog post by Paperbuzz

My personal favourite blog posts:

Up-level your packaging: a checklist for small creative businesses - A blog post by Paperbuzz

I loved writing this one. 90% of it was written on the journey home from a Glasgow Etsy Team meet-up, where someone had suggested that we should talk about packaging the following meeting. I love it when I get inspired about something!

God's own junkyard, London - A blogpost by Paperbuzz

I could look at the photos all day. I LOVED this place down in London and I will definitely be going back!

Portal, The Clyde Tunnel, Glasgow - A blog post by Paperbuzz

This was such a creepy, atmospheric thing to do, I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to experience it.


Here are my three most popular products from 2018:

 mum to be pregnany gift keepsake letters by Paperbuzz

Mum to be Pregnancy Keepsake Letters

Wedding dares game fortune tellers by Paperbuzz

Wedding Dares Fortune Tellers

1st birthday gift keepsake letters by Paperbuzz

1st Birthday Keepsake Letters


I attended several events this year, including The Scottish Wedding Show at the SEC and Glasgow Etsy Made Local. It was my first year attending the latter and I loved every minute. Hopefully they'll have me again next year!

 Glasgow Etsy Made Local, Paperbuzz

Social Media

I've been mostly on Instagram and Facebook this year, doing my best to keep you in the loop with things that I'm up to. Here's my Instagram #bestnine for 2018:

Paperbuzz Paperbuzzemma Instagram #bestnine for 2018


Like it or not, I turned the big 4-0 this year. It's quite unbelievable to be honest - in my head I'm still 19! I made this OLD pinata to celebrate and bash to bits:

OLD birthday pinata, made by Paperbuzz

I had colourful holidays in London and Liverpool. I'm a bit obsessed with street art and anything that's bright and cheery so I'm looking forward to going back next year for more adventures. I've blogged about lots of the things we saw and did, here, here, here and here!

 Paperbuzz, street art, London

A highlight of my year has been getting involved with Glasgow Etsy Team (GET). I've met so many lovely people and have loved being part of this supportive community. Thank you!

Glasgow Etsy Team meet-up

What's happening in 2019?

I'm hoping to start running some workshops in my local area - teaching people how to make their own pinatas to start with, but I may look at doing other things as well - I'll just have so see how it goes!

I'm planning to continue to be involved with Glasgow Etsy Team - local meet-ups, giving and receiving advice and support, and hopefully a belated Christmas night out in January!

I want to work towards supplying local shops with some of my products. I've always shied away from this as all my products are personalised and made to order, but I think that if I adapt them a little, I should be able to get some to work well for a shop setting.

I'm definitely going to have more colourful adventures in Glasgow and further afield.

Lastly, I need to develop more confidence in myself - this is definitely a work in progress.

And that's it!

Happy New Year and all the best for a fun, healthy and happy 2019.



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  • Bernard McLaughlin

    I enjoyed your blog, it brightened up a dull day. Lots of success to you in 2019!!!!!

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