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28 Ideas to Encourage Curiosity

Following on from last week's blog post, here are some ideas for getting curious!


* Historical figures - choose someone who has done something notable and find out all about them.

* Family tree - research your family tree.

* Someone famous - enjoy reading those gossip mags and watching those celeb reality TV programmes!

* Get to know them better - your partner, children, family or friends. Find out something that you didn't know about them before. You could use these fortune tellers as they contain lots of interesting questions. Make sure that you really listen to what they have to say.

* Shadow someone - ask to shadow someone at work for a day and find out what their job entails.

* Organise a family party and invite family members you don't see very often. Enjoy finding out about how things are with them. Many years ago I was part of a 'cousin's reunion' as I have lots of cousins that I don't see very often as we live far away from each other. It was lots of fun and we should think about doing another one soon!

* Hopes and dreams - get to know yourself a bit better. What are your hopes and dreams? Do you have any goals that you want to work towards? How would you like your life to look? Take some time to ponder in a place where you feel comfortable. Create a visual mood board using pictures and words cut out of magazines.

* Childhood - find out about your friends and family's childhoods. Where did they grow up? Who was important to them? What did they enjoy doing? What world events can they remember from when they were a child?

* People-watch - sit in a public area and watch the people around you. What are their mannerisms? What might they be doing for the rest of the day? Imagine what their life might be like - family, relationships, job, where they live, interests, etc.


* Perfect holiday - research your perfect holiday. Where would you go? What would you see?

* Local area - find out more about your local area or a building in it.

* New place - choose a city, town or area that you've never been to before. Visit that place. What did you find? What would it be like to live there?

* Art Exhibition - visit an art exhibition. Who is the artist? What are they trying to express? Do you like the work? How does it make you feel?

* Your house - who used to live in your house? When was it built? How has it changed over the years? This is something that illustrator Becka Griffin has been investigating recently. Find out more here.

* Inspiration - choose an interesting place that you've visited recently. Use it as inspiration to find out something new. For example, a visit to 'God's Own Junkyard' in London might inspire you to find out all about the history of neon.

* Museum - visit a museum and set aside enough time to really look at and read all of the information.

* Explore - go for a wander where you live. Take a different street or route than usual. Look round and ask yourself questions? Who lives here? What is that for? Why is that here? What might the answers be?

* Geocaching - go geocaching. The app gives information about the location of all caches, which are usually hidden in areas / places of interest. What might you find out?


* What if there was no background noise? - Would you be more productive? Would you feel lonely? This is an experiment that Jane from Snapdragon tried out recently. Find out about her experiences here.

* What if you had a different breakfast every day? (rather than the same boring thing every day) - Would you enjoy them more? Would it encourage you to be healthier? Would you discover a new favourite?


* A personal object - find out more about it. Who invented / created / made it? Who has previously owned it? What would life be like without it?

* A skill - try out a new hobby, perhaps something you've always wanted to try or do something that seems completely unexpected!

* How it works - find out how something works and learn how to carry out maintenance or simple fixes. (bikes, computers, etc)

Party ice breaker question fortune teller game

Ideas / beliefs

* Someone else - pretend to be someone else for the day. How does everything look / seem in their shoes?

* Religion - take some time looking into a religion. What are their main beliefs? What do they celebrate? What are their rituals?

* Confidence - identify something that you don't feel confident at (such as drawing, baking meringues or doing a talk, for example). How could you get better at it? Break it into small steps and create a plan to help you achieve your goal.


* If an opportunity comes your way to find out about something, further your skills, or to give something new a go, then say 'YES'!


* Help solve a mystery - watch a film or documentary, attend a murder mystery event or visit somewhere mysterious (like I'll be doing in next week's blog post).


But above everything else, have fun!


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