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8 ways to use a Secret Message Origami Star

Sometimes you need to say something important to a special someone.

1. To say thank you:
- for all your help and support over the past 6 months
- for being a great teacher
- for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to

2. To ask an important question:
- Will you marry me?
- Will you be my bridesmaid?
- Will you move in with me?

 3. To announce something:
- I'm pregnant!
- You're going to be grandparents!
- We're engaged!
- You're going to Disneyland!
- I'm off to uni!
4. To motivate someone:
- Good luck in your exams - you can do it!
- Just keep going, you'll get there!
5. To show your love:
- Happy anniversary to us!
- I can't wait to get married to you - see you at the church!
- On your Christening, from your Godmother
- I'm so proud of you.
6. To invite someone:
- to a birthday party
- to your wedding
- to a baby shower
- to a leaving do
7. To pass on your best wishes:
- Merry Christmas!
- Have a fantastic birthday!
- Congratulations on your engagement!

8. To say well done:
- You've graduated!
- You passed your exams!
- You got the job!

Instead of sending a card or email to communicate your message, you could think outside the box and do something more memorable - why not give them an origami star?

Christening Origami Star by Paperbuzz

Inside the sparkly 3D star is your special message. Simply unravel the star to reveal what it says.

Origami Star by Paperbuzz

Origami Star by Paperbuzz

Origami Star by Paperbuzz

Origami Star by Paperbuzz

The star can be folded up again carefully for display, using the folds as a guide.

You're a Star Origami Secret Message Star by Paperbuzz

It is presented in a white organza bag, and comes with a tag explaining how to unravel the star. There are different headings on the tags - choose from 'You're a Star', 'Christmas Star' or 'Little Star', with more being added all the time.

Christmas Star Origami Star by Paperbuzz

So go on, make it memorable with a secret message origami star by Paperbuzz.

Secret Message Origami Star by Paperbuzz

'You're a Star'

'Little Star'

'Christmas Star'

*Remember that you can put any message you like in any star!

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