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A Manifesto for Life

When I was setting up this website a couple of months ago, I felt that it was important to take some time to really think about my business.

I previously had a very simple website that had been set up by my brother years and years ago - it was fine as a basic portfolio of what I did, but I didn't really have much control over the design, and there weren't many features such as video clips or even the ability to actually sell things!

I was definitely excited about this new website - it was going to be my very own space on the internet, full of my own products and just how I wanted it to be.

But how did I want it to be?

I asked myself some questions:

What were the core values of my business?

Who were my dream customers?

How did I want to come across to customers?

I scribbled away making lots and lots of notes - things such as loving bold, bright colour, being brave enough to do your own thing (when planning a wedding, etc) enjoying celebrating moments with your friends and family - and decided to try and put them in some sort of order.

This is what I ended up with:

I realised that it was basically a manifesto for life!

I've decided that I will try to follow this in life as well as in business. I've printed it out, stuck it on the wall next to my desk and look at it whenever I need a boost or some focus.

And it's working! Hooray!

What would your manifesto for life look like?

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