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Are you ready for a Colour Run?

If you're looking for something fun and colourful to do over the summer months, there are lots of colour runs up and down the country that might fit the bill.

Recently my family took part in a Rainbow Run - which involved large amounts of powdered paint being thrown around. There were also inflatables to climb over, nets to scramble under and slip and slide sections to glide along.

Barrhead Rainbow Run

Rainbow Run

Rainbow colour run, Scotland

Colour run

Barrhead Rainbow Run

Colour run

Rainbow colour run

A variation on the Rainbow Run is Bubble Rush, where you run through brightly coloured foam in inflatable tunnels. My family did it last year and had a ball!

If you do fancy giving one a go, here are a couple of websites to help:

Color Run events can be found here.

Bubble Rush events can be found here.

And most importantly, have fun!

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