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Baby Shower Gifts & Games

Over the last few years, baby showers have grown in popularity. They're a fun excuse for the mum-to-be to get together with family and friends to celebrate the impending birth of her baby.

If you've been invited to a baby shower, you'll want to take a gift with you - something lovely for the baby, but you don't want to forget the mum-to-be either!

Mum To Be Pregnancy Gift Keepsake Letters by Paperbuzz

My boxes of keepsake letters are a present for both mum and baby. Each box contains 5 origami letters, and each letter has a question on it. 'What was the best thing about having me in your tummy?' 'How did you feel when you found out that you were going to be my mummy?'

Mum To Be Pregnancy Gift Keepsake Letters by Paperbuzz

Baby shower gift for a mum to be, by Paperbuzz

The mum can write letters for her baby to capture memories of this very special time. The mum-to-be doesn't need to be an amazing writer; the letters don't need to be perfect - anything is better than nothing!

Baby Shower Gift by Paperbuzz

The mum could also include scan photos, photos of her expanding tummy, or any other small mementoes that she might have.

Mum To Be Pregnancy Gift Keepsake Letters by Paperbuzz

She should keep the memory box safe and then enjoy reading the letters together with their child in the years to come. Every child would love to find out what happened in preparation for their very important arrival!

Usually a baby shower is all about the mum-to-be, but what about the dad-to-be? If you don't want to leave him out, there's boxes of keepsake letters for him too.

Dad To Be New Dad Gift Keepsake Letters by Paperbuzz

If you've been tasked with organising the baby shower, there are many things to organise. Food (with lots of sweet treats!), decorations and music are just some of them. Another important aspect are games - something to keep everyone entertained. Tasting baby food, identifying famous people from their baby photos and pin the dummy on the baby are some suggestions, but I've also got a consequences game that is a lot of fun.

Baby Shower Game by Paperbuzz

It's a modern take on a game that you may have played when you were a child.

Baby Shower Game by Paperbuzz

Everyone starts with the same baby shower storyline sheet, which is personalised with the mum-to-be's name. Simply fill in the first blank, fold it over so that the next player can't see your answer and then pass it on so that they can continue the story.

When all of the blanks are filled, open up the sheets and read the stories out loud. It's sure to have everyone giggling, cooing and awing!

Baby Shower Game by Paperbuzz

The mum-to-be can keep all the completed stories as a keepsake from the day.

So, whether you're organising or just attending, I hope that you have a super time at your next baby shower!


Mum-to-be Pregnancy Gift Keepsake Letters

Dad-to-be Gift Keepsake Letters - original version or easy to complete version

Baby Shower Consequences Game

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