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Gorgeous Stationery to Celebrate Stationery Week

If you're a bit of a stationery addict, like me, you'll probably already know that this week is Stationery Week - a whole week dedicated to celebrating all things papery and pencilly!

It's the perfect excuse to gather together some gorgeous stationery to swoon at, wouldn't you agree?

If you fall in love with any of the items below, please click on the photo to be taken to the maker's website - they're all small indie businesses who would be delighted to send you something lovely in the post. Enjoy!

Mint Maker Studio

Lily in Space

Babity Boo

Honey Blossom Printables

Nikkis Supply Store

November and May

Mint Maker Studio

Dotties Paper Co

Sew Can Sue

Arnold & Bird

St Mango

Six0Six Design

The Happy Colour Shop

Kate Moody Art

Guineapig Wheekly

Asking for Trouble

Walter and Flo

Happy Go Lucky


Libby Walker

XOXO Gifts

Drix Productions

Nikkis Supply Store

The Green Gables

Chimps Tea Party

The Room Alive

 Kiitos Studios

Morgan and Wells

Jilly Jilly Design

AV Typography

Lily in Space

Studio Inktvis

Drawn by Woodsy

The Happy Colour Shop

Dotties Paper Co

Mum to be pregnancy keepsake letters by Paperbuzz

Snapdragon Life

The Room Alive

Works Beautifully

Hand over your fairy cakes

Born Free Press

XOXO Designs by Ruth


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  • katie leonard

    Thanks so much for featuring my guineapig planner pad emma! You’re the best! Katie

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