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Hen Party Games (for brides who don't like dares!)

Lots of brides want a traditional hen party - a big night out with all their friends, wearing an L plate and veil, lots to drink and some crazy dares to do along the way. But what if that's just not your kind of thing?

Perhaps you're looking for something different - a spa day, a craft workshop, a roller disco or even laser tag. But whatever you choose to do, remember that there can often be some 'down time', where it's good to have a little something ready to keep people entertained.

These games are a modern twist on 'Consequences' - a game that you may have played when you were a child. They are small enough to fit in your handbag, and are sure to hit the spot - providing fun and laughter, without being too embarrassing for the bride or her guests!

There are three versions available - 'Love at First Sight?', 'Please Say Yes!' and 'First Date'. Each one tells a fun, alternative version of what might have happened at important points in the couple's history.

They're very easy to play - simply fill in the first blank on your sheet, fold it over so that the next player can't see your answer, and then pass it on so that they can continue the story.

Remember to have fun with your answers - silly answers are definitely encouraged! When all of the blanks are filled, open up the sheets and read the stories out loud.

These games can be played with several people or as a large group, and are perfect for all age groups. They are available in packs of 12, 18 or 24 sheets and each game is personalised with the couple's names.

The completed stories can be kept by the bride as a fun keepsake from her hen party. Boom. Job done.

'Love at First Sight' game

'Please Say Yes!' game

'First Date' game

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