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How to choose the perfect Paperbuzz hen party game

Perhaps you're a bridesmaid planning your best friend or sister's hen party. Or perhaps you're a bride who is organising her own hen party. Whichever it is, how do you go about choosing the perfect Paperbuzz hen party game?

Start with the basic question - 'Would the bride be up for dares?'

If the answer is no, then try Consequences.

Consequences is a story based game, where all the players are given a sheet with a story on it. You fill in the first blank, fold the paper over to hide what you've written and pass it on to the next player. Keep going until the story is finished and then enjoy reading them out loud. There's usually lots of giggles! Three different stories are available - 'Love at first sight?', 'First date' and 'Please say yes!'.

Right, back to the original question of 'Would the bride be up for dares?'

If the answer is maybe, then a good option could be 'Truth or Dare', as each time the cubes pop out of the game, the bride can choose to either do a truth or a dare depending on what looks like the best option. However, as the actual truth or dare is made up by the other players, how easy or hard it will be is up to them!

If the bride says that she would enjoy doing dares, then follow up with the question - 'Would the bride like to theme the dares to either taking photos or her favourite drink, or would she prefer a wider selection of dares?'

If she would like to take lots of photos, 'Selfie Dares' would be the perfect game. And if she would like them themed round her favourite drink, then choose one of the drinks challenge games - pick from gin, Prosecco, cocktails, vodka or rum.

If the answer is no - she would enjoy doing a wider selection of dares, then 'Mix & Match Dares' or our classic 'Hen Party Dares' would be perfect.

When ordering all of the games based on dares, you can choose which dares are included in the game. So if the bride isn't too sure about doing dares, then you can carefully choose ones that you think she would be prepared to try. However, if doing dares is something the bride will really enjoy, then you can be as outrageous as you want when making your selection!

But whatever game you choose, don't forget to have fun and take lots of photos!


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