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Keeping Your Wedding Guests Entertained (while you get your photos taken)

After a wedding ceremony, the happy couple often get whisked away by their photographer to take lots of photos. This can mean that the wedding guests are left for a considerable length of time while they're away. There's usually some drinks and nibbles on offer, and it's a good opportunity for people who haven't seen each other for a while to catch up. But when the drinking, nibbling and chatting is coming to an end, and there's still no sight of the wedding party returning, then, what next?

Wedding selfie dare fortune tellers, that's what!

Can you remember playing with these as a child?

These personalised fortune tellers are designed to help your guests take some fabulous selfies!

Each fortune teller contains 8 possible facial expressions and 8 possible people that could appear with you in your selfie. The combination of an expression / person will depend on the numbers chosen.

There are simple written instructions inside each game so that your guests know how to play, and the fortune tellers are suitable for both children and adults.

Why not create a hashtag for social media and encourage your guests to share their pics?

Perhaps your guests will be so busy having fun and taking photos that they won't even notice the happy couple returning?!

Wedding Selfie Dares Fortune Tellers (pack of 8)


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