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Product Spotlight: Christmas Table Game Fortune Tellers

Can you remember playing with fortune tellers when you were are school? Maybe you called them something different - I've heard them called chatterboxes, cootie catchers and colour-changers, but whatever you call them, they're great fun!

Christmas Table Game Fortune Tellers

I already make wedding game fortune tellers, and decided that I should make a Christmas version... and here they are!

Christmas table decorations fortune tellers

They were designed to be used on your Christmas table to add a little something to your place settings.

Christmas cootie catcher

They're also a little gift that people can play with (keeping both little and big ones entertained) and take away with them.

They're a little like a cracker as they have silly Christmas jokes inside that will get everyone groaning! But they also include dares and challenges, and things to talk about so there's plenty to keep everyone busy. And as with a cracker, they're suitable for both kids and adults.

Christmas cootie catcher fortune teller game

But they don't just need to be used at the dinner table - they could be used any time over the festive season.

Decorations for Christmas table 

They're available in packs of 6. While the fortune tellers are identical on the outside, they all contain different jokes, dares, challenges and questions. If you'd like a pack or two, you can find them here. Have fun!

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