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Are you a polymath? - A blog post by Paperbuzz

Polymath. It sounds like a mathematical term, but it's not. What is actually means is a person with wide knowledge or learning...

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The Mysterious Caverns of Gilmerton Cove
On the south side of Edinburgh is Gilmerton Cove, a mysterious maze of underground caverns and passageways...

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28 Ideas to Encourage Curiosity - A blog post by Paperbuzz
Following on from last week's blog post, here are some ideas for getting curious...

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Curious about Curiosity - A blog post by Paperbuzz
When thinking about how to write this post about curiosity, I decided that the best place to start would be to use these words - what, who, why, how, when and where...

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The Power of Surprise - A blog post by Paperbuzz
When you experience a surprise, there is a specific sequence that you go through, with the final phase being 'share'. We just can't help but want to talk about surprises that we've experienced...

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