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A rainbow of Pictures - A blog post by Paperbuzz
Who doesn't like spotting a rainbow? Here's a selection of pictures that I've taken, in rainbow sequence...

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28 Ideas to Encourage Curiosity - A blog post by Paperbuzz
Following on from last week's blog post, here are some ideas for getting curious...

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Getting in the Gratitude Groove - A blog post by Paperbuzz
This month, I've challenged myself to find out all about the positive emotion of gratitude. To be honest, I didn't actually realise that it was an actual emotion until I started to research it properly...

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Finding Rainbows: 40 Gorgeous Rainbow Gifts - A blogpost by Paperbuzz

Today is 'Find a Rainbow Day'. Doesn't April (with it's sun and showers) seem like the perfect month for spotting rainbows? Just in case you don't manage to spot a rainbow today, I've rounded up some of the best rainbow gifts out there...

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Painting with Feelings: A Workshop with Anastasia Tasou - A blog post by Paperbuzz
On a very wet day last weekend, I attended a workshop by Anastasia Tasou. It was called Painting with Feelings. I wasn't really sure exactly what we'd be doing...

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