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The Gratitude Collection

To celebrate the theme of gratitude this month, I've put together The Gratitude Collection.

It's a collection of old favourites such as my origami secret message stars and popping cards, but I've also designed some new products too, and I'd love to share them with you today.

First up is a box of gratitude letters.

Letters to be written by you to five very special people. You might choose to share the letters with them, but you might prefer to keep them private - that's up to you.

There are five origami folded keepsake letters inside the box. Each letter has a prompt on the outside, to help you decide who to write the letter to. The prompts are:

- From my childhood

- A family member

- A friend

- An inspiration

- A mentor

Take some time to consider who to write the letters to. When you're ready, grab a cup of tea and find a relaxing place to write. Think about things such as how you know the person, what special qualities they have, how they have helped you, what special moments you have shared together or the impact they have had on your life. Don't forget to say 'Thank you'. Remember that the completed letter doesn't have to be perfect - writing from the heart is much more important.

Gratitude is also important for children, so I've also created a similar box of letters for them - the box has a slightly different message and the letters have a sentence starters inside them, but it's the same basic activity. Imagine that they decided to write a letter to their Gran or Auntie - wouldn't receiving it just make their day?

The second activity that I created is a set of origami stars.

Once you have made the stars, you select one and carefully unravel it to find a sentence starter, for example, 'A friend that I’m grateful for is... because...' or 'A simple pleasure that I’m grateful for is... because...'. You can either answer out loud or write who or what you're grateful for and why.

There's lots of ways that you can use the stars to help bring gratitude into your life - there's a list of 9 different activities included in the pack.

Here are some of the old favourites that have also made the collection:

 Pop up personalised thank you card by Paperbuzz

Personalised thank you origami star by Paperbuzz

Personalised pop-up thank you teacher card by Paperbuzz

I'm going to be trying out my new products this month and will share how I get on via Instagram and in the newsletter. I can't wait!



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  • Morag Jamieson

    I love these ideas – especially the gratitude stars and the children’s letters ❤️

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