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What makes a good Wedding Ice Breaker?

At many weddings, guests are often sat for dinner at a table with people they don't know. While it's lovely to meet new people, once all the obvious conversations have run out, it can sometimes begin to get a little awkward.

So that’s why it can be a good idea to include a wedding ice breaker on each table. Something that allows everyone to interact and chat but without too much pressure of having to think about what to say. Hopefully it will spark some fun conversations and really help you to get to know the people that you are sitting with.

But what makes a good wedding ice breaker?

Try to provide something that is:

  1. Fun – you’re at a wedding; something light-hearted is just the ticket.
  2. Optional – not everyone might want to take part. That’s fine – make sure that they can watch, and perhaps they might choose to join in later.
  3. Suitable for all ages – often there will be a mix of ages at the table, so it needs to work for everyone!
  4. Interactive – a mix of doing, watching and talking help to make something interesting and engaging.
  5. Easy – people don’t want something that’s too complicated.
  6. Without a set time limit – something that can last 5 minutes or 20 minutes is better than something that must be done for a fixed length of time. Pick it up and continue when you’re ready!
  7. Surprising – something unexpected or unusual can help to get people intrigued and keen to take part.

So, what could fit the bill?

How about this popping wedding ice breaker game? Let me explain…

Wedding Ice Breakers

It’s fun and surprising. Simply open it up and two cubes pop out! They’re powered by elastic bands and the more they are popped out, the better they get! Who can get the best pop? Can you catch the moment of the pop in a photo or video?

The guests should take turns popping out the cubes and choosing a sentence starter on the top of one of the cubes. All of the sentence starters are about something that everyone has in common – the happy couple. They should then complete the sentence out loud – or if they have a whole story to tell, they should go for it. Who knows what your guests might find out about you!

Put the cubes back inside the game and pass it to the next guest who would like to play. Keep passing it round for as long as you like.

Simple, yet entertaining and interactive. Enjoy!

Wedding Ice Breakers Game

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