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What the heck is a Popping Wedding Invitation?

As the title asks, what the heck is a popping wedding invitation?

Well, it all starts with a cute little card like this. Give it to one of your guests - hand delivering is best!

Popping wedding invitation by Paperbuzz

Encourage them to open it up. Don't give the game away, stay cool! (Think about filming them if you can...)

Two cubes will pop out! Perhaps even some confetti too!

Popping wedding invite by Paperbuzz

Watch them smile, giggle, jump or swear! (Did you film them? If so, share it using #paperbuzzemma!)

Help them pick up the cubes and let them discover all of the wedding details.

Popping wedding invitation by Paperbuzz

Wait for them to tell you how much they love your crazy invitation and that they'd love to share your big day with you.

And repeat using your next invitation!

Fun and quirky wedding invitation by Paperbuzz

Here's just some of the messages one couple received from guests who had opened their popping invitations:

'I can honestly say it is the first invitation I've had that made me scream!'

'Sooooo impressed with the invitations!'

'The coolest invitation ever!'

'I declare your invitation to be the best one I have ever received'

'Absolutely love the wedding invite'

'Just got your invite it is ace! The pop out bits hit my chin.'

'Just opened my invitation, fabulous design, the cubes are great, made me laugh out loud when they popped out.'

'A huge thank you for your brilliant invitation'

'Your invitations are amazing'

'Thank you for your lovely and heart stopping invitation'

'Best invitation ever!'

If you'd like some popping invitations for your own wedding, you can either purchase a sample invite or get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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