Wedding Ice Breakers Game

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This personalised wedding ice breakers game provides a fun way to get guests talking about something they all have in common – you!

Open up this wedding table game and two cubes featuring sentence starters about the bride and groom will pop out!

It is a perfect way for guests who don't know each other to break the ice.

The guests should take turns popping out the cubes and choosing a sentence starter on the top of one of the cubes. They should then complete the sentence out loud and put the cubes back inside the game, passing it to the next guest so that they can have a turn.

This game is designed to help the guests relax and start chatting, and who knows, they might even find out something fun or interesting about you in the process!

There are two cubes inside the card, and each cube has four sentences starters that are personalised with the bride and groom's names. The sentence starters are:

'I first met {Bride and Groom's names}...'

'A fact about {Bride and Groom's names}...'

'I remember when {Bride and Groom's names}...'

'I think that {Bride's name} is...'

'I think that {Groom's name} is...'

'{Bride and Groom's names} are perfect for each other because...'

'A piece of advice for {Bride and Groom's names} is...'

'I hope that {Bride and Groom's names} future will be...'

The front of the game has the phrase '{Bride & Groom's names} Wedding Ice Breakers'. Please note that if the second person's name ends with 's', only an apostrophe will be added (not 's).

Please select the quantity of wedding dares games you require from the list above. This will ensure that you are charged the correct price as if you order more than one game you will receive a discount.

Please contact me if you require more than 12 games.

Correct storage:

Please take the cubes out of the game and store them popped up until use. This is very important.

Made from:

Each wedding activity is made from white card that is lightly textured on one side. It comes with a square white envelope so that, if you wish, you can place it on the table and instruct the guests to open it at a certain point during the wedding.


The game is 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.8cm, and the envelope is 11.3cm x 11.3cm. Each cube is 4cm x 4cm x 4cm.

These games really do appeal to everyone, young and old alike. However, please think carefully about whether or not the recipient has a health condition for which this type of surprise might not be a good idea!