Emma & Paperbuzz

Hello and welcome!

My name is Emma and I’m on a mission to help people feel more of the ‘good stuff’. What’s the ‘good stuff’? I hear you ask. For me it’s all the positive emotions out there - not just happiness, because, goodness that just seems like such a big goal to aim for, but all the others too – gratitude, curiosity, excitement, awe and anticipation, to name just a few.

I, like most of you, am busy. Busy with my business, or with my family, or feeling a bit ‘meh’ (mentally and physically) because of my chronic condition, Crohn’s. Happiness (with bells and whistles on), sometimes just feels a bit out of reach. I want things that will make me feel good and that can easily be woven into my everyday life. This is where the other positive emotions come into play. And as an added bonus, as well as making you feel good as you experience them, they’ve also been shown to have all sorts of benefits to your health and well-being.

As many of these emotions are ones that children regularly experience, I am often inspired by my childhood. I had a pretty awesome one, growing up on the Shetland Islands - famous for ponies, Fair Isle jumpers and Vikings. In the summer I would drive tractors on the croft, play on beaches with my friends and cycle everywhere at top speed. During the dark winter months, I would turn boxes into amazing creations, write to my penpal, and, with my younger brothers, create shows for my parents to watch whether they liked it or not.

I also love a good old project, so I’m challenging myself to find out more information about the variety of different positive emotions we can enjoy and look for ways that we can sneak them into our everyday life. I’ll be creating special feel-good products every month to help with this and trying them out too. I really hope that you’ll join me - I promise it’ll be fun!

I’ll be posting my progress on Facebook, Instagram and the blog, or why not sign up to the monthly Paperbuzz newsletter. And don’t forget to pop along every month and have a look at my special collections of products!

See you soon,