All of the Paperbuzz products are made by hand. I personalise, print, score, fold, stick and pack everything. I am also occasionally known to ping elastic bands around the room too...


Popping Cards, Games and Invitations

The popping cards are probably my favourite thing to make. They consist of a card outer, with two 3D cubes inside. When you open up the card, the cubes pop out, surprising the recipient. I love attending wedding shows and markets so that I can see people opening my popping cards because their reactions are brilliant. Some jump, some scream, some swear and some don't even flinch!

Because the cubes pop out and land randomly (a bit like throwing dice) it means that the popping cards lend themselves perfectly to being games. So as well as making greetings cards and wedding invitations, I also have games for weddings, hen parties and even birthday nights out.

Boxes of Keepsake Letters


Imagine, if in 10 years time you discovered a little box of letters you'd written for your child or other half.  How lovely would it be reading them, on your own, or with your child or partner and reminiscing over a cup of tea?

Each box contains 5 origami folded letters. Each letter has a prompt or question on it, helping you to write to the recipient to help remember a very special time. The letters fold up again easily when you're finished and then they can be packed away into the box to be kept.

Origami Stars


These origami stars can be used to ask someone to be a bridesmaid, thank someone for their support, send love for a baby's Christening or say thank you to a teacher at the end of term. Any message that you can think of can be written inside one of these sparkly, 3D stars.

Consequences Games


Can you remember playing consequences as a child? These games are a modern twist on the traditional childhood game.

They are very easy to play - simply fill in the first blank on the sheet, fold it over so that the next player can't see your answer and then pass it on so that they can continue the story. When all of the blanks are filled, open up the sheets and read the stories out loud. Guaranteed to get you giggling!

Petite Products

As a child, I loved playing with small things, spending my pocket money on novelty rubbers and individual stickers. This seems to have had an influence on the things I create as an adult, as many of them are quite petite. Therefore, make sure that you read the dimensions carefully so that you know what to expect when they arrive. As they say, good things often come in small packages, and I think that this is very true!