Gin Challenge Hen Party Game

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This personalised hen party game would be perfect for a gin loving bride to be. Can she complete all the gin-related challenges?

Simply open up the game and two cubes with challenges on will pop out!

The bride should complete the challenge on the top of the cube(s) and then put them back in and pop again to choose her next activity.

A sheet is included so that you can record the bride's progress. Will she manage to achieve every single challenge? The game and sheet (and lots of photos!) would make a great keepsake of what is sure to be a fantastic night out.

The front of the game is personalised with the bride's name. The cubes each have 4 challenges, so 8 challenges should be chosen for the game. Please pick 8 from the list and type the letters in the box when ordering.

A. Blag a free gin from the barman
B. Ask a stranger to take a photo of you and a glass of gin, but using their own camera
C. Buy the least or most expensive gin in the place and rate it out of 10
D. Straddle a chair, ride it like a bucking bronco and shout ‘Yee-haa, I love gin!’
E. Try a different mixer in your next gin
F. Down your gin in one
G. Order a gin using a foreign accent
H. Buy a gin for a good-looking stranger
I. Raise your glass to a random person from across the room
J. Ask a stranger if they like gin and then walk away
K. Order a gin in a silly voice
L. Convince someone that your Great Great Grandfather invented gin
M. Get a stranger to buy you a gin
N. Convince someone that you own a gin distillery
O. Convince someone that you are a gin expert
P. Drink a gin based cocktail

There is a space on the back of the game where you can handwrite a short message to the bride, if you wish. Perhaps some words of encouragement to help her complete her Gin Challenge!

Correct storage:

Please take the cubes out of the game and store them popped up until use.

Made from:

This gin hen party game is handmade from white card that is lightly textured on one side. It comes with a kraft envelope.


The game is 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.8cm, and the envelope is C6. Each cube is 4cm x 4cm x 4cm.

These hen party games really do appeal to everyone, young and old alike. However, please think carefully about whether or not the recipient has a health condition for which this type of surprise might not be a good idea!