Starting University Gift Keepsake Letters

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This box of keepsake letters would be perfect starting university gift for the new student in your life.

It's small enough to fit easily into a suitcase, and the letters be read when the student is having a wobbly moment and in need of some reassurance or cheering up.

There are five origami folded letters inside the box, and each one features a prompt that will help the writer to create a set of letters that are full of love and advice. They are sure to be treasured in the years to come.

The prompts are:

 'A funny story to make you laugh'

'Some words of motivation to keep you working hard'

'Memories from when you were little, to cheer you up'

'Some important advice, just in case'

'A recipe to keep you eating well'

You can even include photos of family, familiar places or from when they were little.

The top of the box is personalised so that it reads 'Letters for {recipient's name} as (s)he starts University / Collage'. The name can be printed in green, purple, pink or yellow. Please note that a maximum of 12 characters can be used in the name.

Each letter is folded from a single sheet of paper which is slightly smaller than A5.

There is also an instruction sheet to help you fold back up the letters after you have written them, although it is very easy!

If the box is difficult to open, please gently slide a ruler (or something similar) under the lid (from the side) and slowly ease the lid open.

Made from:

Inside the cardboard box, the five letters are made from thick white paper and they are tied with silvery-grey organza ribbon.


The box measures 10.2 x 7.8 x 2.8cm and each letter is approximately 10.1 x 7.4cm when folded up. When opened, each letter is just slightly smaller than A5.