Your Wedding Popping Wedding Invitation Sample

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Simply open up this cute wedding invitation and two cubes will spring out and surprise the recipient!

This invitation will definitely get your guests excited about your big day. You'll want to hand-deliver as many invitations as possible so that you can see the recipients' reactions!

The phrase '{Bride} and {Groom's} Wedding' is printed on the front of the invitation.* On this sample invite, it is written in pink and blue.

All of the wedding details are written on the popping cubes.

Please select whether or not your wedding ceremony and reception are at the same venue, so that you are sent the appropriate sample cubes.

If you decide to place a full order for invitations, remember that all text and colours can be changed to suit you and your wedding.

*This is an unpersonalised sample, so the names Laura and David will be on the sample invite that you receive.

Correct storage:

Please take the cubes out of the card and store them popped up until use.

Made from:

This alternative wedding invitation is made from white card that is lightly textured on one side. It comes with a square white envelope.


The card is 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 0.8cm, and the envelope is 11.3cm x 11.3cm. The cubes are each 4cm x 4cm x 4cm.

These invitations really do appeal to everyone, young and old alike. However, remember that these invitations are not toys, and therefore should not be given to children under three. Please also think carefully about whether or not the recipient has a health condition for which this type of surprise might not be a good idea! (A postcard-style invitation can be sent to any guests that you might be concerned about!)